Please add automatic re-chaining in conference

When I drive with two (or three) other Sena SMH10B users in a group of non-Sena-using riders in between (normally on as the guide, on at the tail of the group and one or two somewhere in the middle, to stretch the range), we have to fiddle with the order in which who has to pair with whom, so that when driving, we have a "chain" of connections, because zickzacking the units together does not work with real six or more riders (if they're disciplined, three to four if not) between two units.

That's kind of annoying, because if we paired wrong or someone wants to change the sequence of the dirvers, we have to repair, or it can happen that two Sena-users, being only a bunch of meters apart, loose connection, because they are not linked to each other but to a third user, which drives at range maximum.

So here is my idea: Please make it so that the Senas can (maybe switched by a menu option) automatically re-connect in an optimized pattern, like internally sharing the IDs of the connected devices and the field strengthes and testing and re-ordering the connection chain to optimize range.

The idea is that if I drive with a buddy of mine with which I already have paired some time ago and one or two buddies of him, and I'm the guide and he's the tail, then I would only have to connect with him and my Sena would then automatically "jump" to the nearest of his friends, which would drive directly behind me or such.

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