Modify aux in port to be an mic output



  • Darlene

    The New Pack for GoPro will do that.  It is available.

  • Electro Jake
    Electro Jake

    Yes exactly!

    It would be great to devise a way to capture the SMH10 mic as an output to a recording device.

    Then perhaps enable "sidetone" and record both sides of a SMH10 conversation.

    Ive already tried to "pair" with a standard bluetooth audio receiver to no avail. I used the Aluratek AIS01F but there is no way to "pair" without a screen to select the device on. (Long story but it's useless).

    I might be able to hack a GP10-01 GoPro Pack to operate as a generic audio-out unit but its simply not worth the cost & effort.



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