Audio/CB interface for SMH10 headsets

I have developed a wire harness with an impedance matching circuit that connects an SMH10 to the bike's audio system and therefore enabling a wireless connection between riders and the bike's AM, FM, Weather, Nav, and CB audio and even allows the rider to transmit on the bike's CB using the bike's normal PTT and other controls. I built 10 of them and sent them to 10 different GW riders for testing and the results have been very positive. I have used the one on my GW since August and it works great. Attached is a picture of the unit in the left pocket box of my GW. 

I have also built a HD and BMW version. I shipped the BMW version to a rider this week for testing. I'm waiting to find a HD rider willing to test it on his bike. There is no reason that would prevent it from working on any bike, just as well as it does on my GW. 

Attached pictures are the harness, and its installation in my GW. 

Have tried to get Sena interested in building the harness, but so far they don't see its market potential. Go figure.

See the "Would like to see a Goldwing factory audio/CB interface" thread for more details. Note the remarks in the last comment from the 1st GW rider to install and use one.  

Contact me if you want one. 


GW 7.jpg


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