Allow Users to Disable Advanced Noise Control

First, we all appreciate Sena's effort to provide Advanced Noise Control and we're sure it will be a valuable feature.

However, some of us use the SMH10 as a BT adapter for linking our wireless headsets to our GoldWing's audio system so we can hear every sound it produces plus transmit on the GW's CB radio. For us, the Advanced Noise Control degrades the music the GW sends to our headsets because it treats much of the audio as if it was noise. We would like to turn the ANC off. Without such capability we must stay at v4.3. 

Please consider adding to v5.1 the ability for users to disable ANC. Then, a certain class of users could take advantage of other new features without degradation to the music feature we can't live without. 

Steve (fox2kill)




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