SMH10 - Make inputs explicitly selectable, default storable

On my K1600GTL I have multiple inputs into the SMH10 (GPS, bike audio) and it seems that the headset selects the last connected device input, or the order feels nondeterministic.  I would like to explicitly control the 'pecking order' of input devices for initialization purposes, such that the bike/A2DP audio initializes last and takes control of the input.  Later on, when the other device(s) need to cut in, they should, but when booting up the preferred device should forced into control.

Being able to select within the headset would be nice, but having an ordered list to move around in the GUI tool would work as well.  More management options for inputs in the GUI (such as, being able to assign connection types after the initial pairing instead of having to remember which press-combo does which pair type) would be great too.


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