Feature Request: Selective Un-pairing

When you pair your GPS, smartphone, and other intercom units to the 20S (and also to previous products), you do it individually, of course.  

But there seems to be only one "Unpair" function, "Unpair all devices".   It means that if I need to unpair one device or intercom pairing, I have only one option, unpair from EVERYONE and EVERYTHING and start all over.   Am I reading and doing this wrong? 

This is a pain.  Sena help has asked me to unpair my Garmin (which is paired as phone #1) and re-pair it as Phone #2; and let them know the results.  To do this, if I'm reading it right, I have to unpair from everything and everyone and start over.  

At least have selective un-pairing  from Phone1, Phone2 separate from intercom un-pairings.   

Maybe the iPhone app will help.  Let me unpair my Zumo and pair my iPHone instead.  (oops, I'll lose all pairings) 






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