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    @Steven: That community forum you are suggesting already exists because that is what this whole forum is for.

  • Roy Shelton
    Roy Shelton

    I am a new Sena user, having connected the 20S EVO to may Harley with WHIM interface. Is there a document I could read that gives me the facts about what this headset can do? So far I am only getting answers about what it can't do, i.e. Intercom doesn't work with my internal CB radio, or that I can't share music with my passenger and also use the intercom. For as expensive as this product is --  what can it do? 

  • Els Heyvaert
    Els Heyvaert

    Our customers are using the 20S EVO set to communicate with Motorola MXP600 radios. The Sena device regularly causes the MXP600 radios to reboot or block on a white screen. Motorola investigated this and came these conclusions:

    1. the Sena device is hardcoded to use channel 2, it is not implementing the dynamic channel allocation as specified in the bluetooth protocol

    2. the Sena device is not supporting min 12 slots eSCO parameters but works only with 6 slots eSCO parameters.

    Do you have a new firmware available that fixes both issues? As these kits are being used by public safety operators and their communication is cut randomly, it is an urgent matter for us.

  • Mark Logsdon
    Mark Logsdon

    Does either of the smart units pair with a smartphone on the Verizon network? I have an Android phone.



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