Linux based software manager.



  • Robert Shwery
    Robert Shwery

    I also use Linux and tried without success to update the firmware on my SMH5-FM unit. Tried the program in Wine, my Windows 8 vm, and a Windows XP vm. It took 3 times to download and install/uninstall/reinstall ON EACH system to get the software to ask to install the USB device drivers. Had the best results with the Windows 64 bit version. In Wine the USB driver install froze and would not continue. In Windows 8 vm the driver did install and the update downloaded from online but the process froze at 7% after letting it run for 12 hours. Same happened in Windows XP vm. I do have a work laptop running Windows 7 and broke a few security rules by installing the manager sw on my work laptop. That did the update in about 10+ minutes and worked as advertised. But I will not be able to do that going forward since our security team monitors activity on all systems and will notify me to remove the program (and I am a server admin). This is a bummer on an otherwise great unit. PLEASE offer a Linux version of the Sena Device Manager software! I cannot recommend Sena units to others with the issues I've been reading about for those who don't have ready access to Windows 7 systems since it doesn't work reliably on Mac and not at all on Linux nor in any VM. Even Garmin (who refuses to support Linux) will work in a VM without issues!

  • Jossi

    I'm new here, have been using Sena's for years....and I run Arch Linux, and I really enjoy the Sena unit, if I can't update this, and I have problems, I WILL go to another brand. Whats the use, if they won't work with you? These MFG'ers should learn to trust linux os's, Mac is linux, also....this makes alot of sense....

  • Luvwahraan

    I'm really disappointed with the lack of linux support.

    I bought several 10C for some friends and me received with an old firmware, but I can't update cause I'm using linux and all people I know too.

    Considering the (high) price and the time elapsed since the release of the sena device manager, it's incredible to not propose any alternative update method or linux version.
    It is a pity, considering the quality of the material.

    I should have checked this before ordering, in order to buy anything else. :-(

  • Pawel Kisiel
    Pawel Kisiel

    Sena doesn't give a damn about 0.05% population of Linux native users and why should they? There are alternatives such as Mac or Windows - they won't spent development time on such a niche OS used at home. If it was enteprise product - I would be upset as well if they didn't provide Linux version, which I use normally at work.

    Solution for you: 

    a) buy windows and dual boot when needed

    b) buy MacOS



  • Oren Toren
    Oren Toren

    Have there any change in not loving linux from sena side?

    Just bought prisem tube and was amazed to see that i cant use it with linux..

    would really love to use both products at the same time...

  • Stefan Heisl
    Stefan Heisl

    I completely agree with you. As a Linux user myself, I rely on Linux for my computing needs and it's frustrating when companies like Sena don't provide support for Linux in their device manager software. Linux has a good sized user base, and it is disappointing to see that Sena has now not taken the effort to develop a version of their software that is well matched with Linux. It's necessary for corporations to think about the needs of their numerous client base, inclusive of Linux users, and provide assist accordingly.  I hope Sena will take this feedback into consideration and prioritize the development of a Linux version of their software to better serve their Linux-using customers. Personally, I am extraordinarily upset by this state of affairs. One day recently I came across the same problem with one of my German computing products, like it was called "auftragsmanagementsoftware für auftragsverwaltung" or something like that. So they also stopped working on Linux after the update, I'm disappointed...


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