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  • Gthayer
    I have the same concern with the lack of details on the mounting features. Also, on the Webbikeworld review, there was a handlebar mounted Bluetooth remote shown (it's not included in my box) Also, , there was mention of a portable video monitor available. Are these items coming soon?
  • Sena

    Due to this request, we will create a FAQ for all of the mounts for the Prism for anyone that wants more information about what comes in the package and how to use each of the mounts.


    In the mean time, the small rubber pad is for those that want to mount the Prism on the side of their helmet using the helmet clamp. The small rubber pad is for when the clamp kit doesn't sit flush against the outside due to the shape of the bottom portion of the helmet. Next, the suction cups are suppose to be sticky to help keep the suction mounts attached to the surface that they are mounted to. If they get dirty then you can wash them off with some water and the black disks are there to protect the suction cups and maintain the stickiness for when the suction cup mounts are not being used on a surface.


    @Gthayer: The handlebar does not come packaged with the Prism as it will be available for purchase as a separate product later this year. Also, it is unclear what you mean by a portable video monitor as something like that is not currently available for purchase but there will be an accessory for the Prism in the future that may be something similar.


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