Intercom triggering delay - needs improvement

I used to have a wired intercom that handled VOX very well with almost imperceptible delay. As soon as I'd start talking, my first word was still understandable to my partner. The SMH10 VOX is a real step down from that. It would benefit from having a threshold setting to adjust for loud vs quiet riding conditions since sometimes I have to scream to trigger it and other times a wind gust will do it.

As such, I just resort to doing manual triggering of intercom. But even this is annoying because it takes about 1.5 seconds for the intercom to connect / disconnect. So I have to hit the jog dial, count to two, then start talking. VERY annoying when I need to confirm a routing question or even point out an interesting sight with my partner. As a result, I just leave the intercom ON all the time, but then I can't use my phone based nav system!!!!

I would like to see some work done on improving the intercom delay in non-VOX mode as well as an adjustable threshold for the VOX triggering.


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