Ambient Noise for GoPro Audio Backpack

Hello , 

I have a Sena 20S and GoPro Bluetooth Audio Backpack and I enjoy motovlogging. Both of my devices have the latest firmware updates. I am having trouble getting the sound of my bike/ambient noises into the audio for my videos. My GoPro is on a chin mount on my helmet so if I have the backpack mic turned on, you can hear my voice echo. If I don't then pretty much all you can hear is my voice and no other noise. This is great for phonecalls but horrible for motovlogging.

Maybe in a firmware update you could enable an echo cancelling feature on the backpack or you could make it so it records with the mic continuously but when you speak into the 20S it lowers the sound from the backpack mic and mixes in the 20S sound so you cant hear the echo. Another thing you could do is have a setting that mixes in the 20S ambient noise feature with the 20S Mic and transmit it to the GoPro Backpack.


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