Develope a unit like the SM10 that transmits and receives for CB interface

I own a 2014 Honda GL1800 Goldwing.  I decided after talking to 3 different retailers that sell SENA products to purchase the SM10, aux Goldwing cord, and 20S headsets.  I was told that this system would support the entire Goldwing audio platform including CB radio.

I installed headsets in both of our helmets and installed the SM10 on my bike. Wow, the audio reception is great and we love the "no wires" thing.

But damn, we can't broadcast CB transmissions with this system.  AS they say, the devil is in the details and I guess the dealers thought that supporting CB meant listen only.  WHY WOULD SENA SELL A GOLDWING AUX. PLUG AND NOT MAKE IT CLEAR WHAT IT WOULD ALLOW THE RIDER TO DO?

I love the product and tech support is great.  Unfortunately i have to remove all of your products from helmets and bike and return them to the dealer.

I will be buying plug in headsets.





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