Adjustable gain on Bluetooth mic

I use the Sena Bluetooth microphone and audio pack to record audio to my GoPro camera. When using the Bluetooth microphone on my motorcycle I find it too sensitive. With the noise coming from the wind and the exhaust system, the audio gets distorted, regardless of where I place the microphone on my motorcycle. I have tried all different settings, HD audio on/off etc. but it doesn't help. What I would need is a feature to manually set the microphone gain to a lower level so the sound doesn't get distorted. I am quite disappointed that the firmware doesn't have this feature, as the whole reason I bought these two Sena products was that I should be able to record better audio to my GoPro camera when used on my motorcycle, by being able to place the microphone on a good place on the motorcycle and by having the audio sent wirelessly to the camera/audio pack.

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