Headset for bicycle helmet

The SnowTalk looks like a nice winter sports specific model. How about a bicycle helmet specific model?  Such a unit would allow the ear pieces to be mounted/attached to a variety of helmet in such a way that the rider could still hear ambient sounds (for safety reasons).  Because the earpieces would "float" behind the ear, you can't have the controls in the earpiece like the SnowTalk.  Intercom range is a big issue because riders in a group can get spread out a ways.  Microphone position is a key issue.  Some would prefer just an internal mic so that it is out of the way. An option to plug in a flexible boom mic would be great.

Several existing models come close to what you would need but none are "just right".  I like the mounting "wings" and the longer intercom range of the 10U.  I like the stick-on 2 button control of the 3S wired.  I also like the internal mic with external mic jack of the SnowTalk.


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