Would like the ability to mute the mic while in multi-way intercom session on 20s models


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  • dasplumb

    I am looking for the same function. even two people riding together on touring bikes would like to mute the mics on all day rides so I can turn up the volume on my radio and the guy on the other end can listen to his own music. Just returned from 3000 miles and neither of us enjoy the others taste in music for more than one or two songs. Love the ability to talk to each other but after a few hours on a multi day ride the ability to still hear the other people when the need arises and listen to music would be great. I used a CB for years, I love the cordless helmet now and I have riding buddies that cant afford to put a CB on their bike. Your 20s has been great for us the last 4 years, but the multiday long trip has shown the flaw that I would think could be an easy fix.

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