10C App upgrade able to control On/Start/Stop/mode camera recording

Currently the Sena App is able to change the Settings for the 10C which is cool.

However it would be better if there is an app that can control the camera too.

1. Turn On/Off camera
2. Start/Stop video recording
3. Switch between 1080p30fps/720p60fps/720p30fps.
4. Tell me that the Camera is recording.
5. Tell me how much space left in my SD card
6. Image preview to check my lens angle.

This is because currently the user interaction is abit odd

1. LED Flashes are on the outside - I do not know that I am recording
2. Beeps - Get confusing at times. Voice prompts is not available all the time.
3. Combination of button presses and holds - Steep learning curve and hard to memorize. When you get it wrong and goes into an unfamiliar setting.

I love the Sena10C and I hope this could materialize making it even more awesome.

Thanks Sena!

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