Water resistance

Hi support team.


Riding through the rain is a way of life in the UK. We get a lot of it, and we get wet a lot, thats why bikers invest heavily in rainproof gear. It's difficult even for the UK met office to predict exactly where showers will fall. so on a long group ride, when anticipating showers, light or heavy, bikers will obviously choose to wear waterproof gear, in which they invest heavily. But Sena recommend to me that the 20s should not be exposed to any type of shower, therefore owners, on finding this out, would frustratingly be compelled to decide on one of these options before the ride:


Before setting off remove the entire 20s unit including its base from the helmet and ride without communications:

Leave it all on, and if there's are showers, stop if possible and legal, and remove just the top unit, leaving the base on the helmet exposed to rain:

Try to protect the whole thing with a makeshift cover during showers and lose its funcionality:

Risk the entire unit in showers:

Not go riding at all.


Most would agree that none of those options are acceptable. And a device made to wear externally on a motorbike helmet should be able to withstand showers, and would not be much use if it could not; as myself and two fellow riders found out when our three brand new units failed in a relatively light shower.


Because of Senas' advertising suggestion that it is water resistant to inclement weather, many UK riders including myself, have bought them, and like me, will feel let down and extremely disappointed to discover they cannot, in fact, use them through a shower for fear of damage via water ingress. Your reply to my previous communication was ambiguous about what you mean by inclement weather and furthermore, it is unclear if in fact, your guarantee definitely covers damage due to water ingress during inclement weather. So, riders in the UK will surely and inevitably question the suitability of a helmet device with such untrustworthy credentials.


It is a shame a good unit like this is completely spoiled by its poor water resistance, and I think many more people will agree, and in time will be questioning the tech team about this oversight by Sena. I know concerns about this have been posted on the internet. I really think Sena should recognise there is a problem and perhaps recall all these units to improve the water resistance, or issue owners with a snap on rain cover, because inevitably, there will be riders attempting to remove them from their helmets whilst riding in the rain, and ultimately, that will lead to a fatality.





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