Noise cancelation at speakers - e.g. noise canceling headphones

Many motorcycle riders wear earplugs due to helmet wind noise.  I suspect this contributes to the requests in this forum for more volume.  Your microphone noise cancelation works great - people I talk to by phone have no idea I'm riding a motorcycle.  How about adding some tiny microphones at the speakers to detect wind / road noise and then generate and play anti-noise at the speakers just like noise canceling headphones do.  This might eliminate the need for earplugs - both a big convenience for riders and a reduction in needed volume for Sena.  If you combined this with automatic master volume control, then you would really have an impressive, easy to use product.

Note that noise cancelation might increase market demand for your product. it is useful to riders who aren't interested in talking to anyone but just want to quiet wind noise. (Noise canceling headphones certainly have a market.)  I should also point out that this sort on noise cancelation does NOT cancel the sounds a rider needs to hear on the road - like a horn or approaching vehicle.  It only cancels repetitive sounds like wind noise.



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