10C Audible Action Notifications sound level adjustment


Using the Sena 10C I've noticed that the audio notifications are too low comparing to application volume.

For example if I start the unit it will say lound and clear "Hello", then I start the FM Radio ... again when it first starts the audio level is fine "FM Radio on". After this point the rest of the audio notifications can't be herd and if you are in the city traffic that's almost impossible. You can start the camera ... most of the time I can;t hear when it says Recording and a couple of times either I did not recorded at all, either I stopped the recording knowing that it is not started.

So, if you can provide an option for Audio Notifications to be set as a fixed individual level regardless of the FM Radio/Phone audio level. When I receive a notification I would prefer to hear that notification not the radio or something else. These notifications are usually send based on the user input (push of a button) so the result of that action should sound more than the FM Radio or anything else. If the user is more interested in the FM Radio or other sounds than he/she can delay the action.


Thank you in advance!


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