Sena 10U - Feedback why I have not bought one

I bought a Schuberth C3 Pro a few minutes ago after researching to death whether it will be the right helmet for me. Of course I will only find out when I get it, but while researching the helmet, I also did a ton of thinking about my communication system plans. 

My requirements are:

  • Needs to be able to charge while using it. (Prio 1)
  • Should be easy to use with warm gloves. (Prio 1)
  • Should have best possible audio quality for intercom. (Prio 1)
  • Should have replaceable (at least via taking it apart and putting it back together) battery. So, not on the road replaceable, but shop replaceable. (Prio 1)
  • Needs to perfectly fit a size M Schuberth C3 Pro without adding wind noise. (Prio 2)
  • Needs to be able to run a multi-way intercom. (Prio 2)

Now, while the 10U satisfies the usability and fit requirements (I hope) and I'm sure it does fine for audio quality, the deal killer for me was that I can't charge/power it during use. I do some long distance riding and 10 hours of use just doesn't cut it. I could probably charge it during a camping stop using a USB charge brick, but that's kind of a pain as well. 

I ended up just ordering a new mount for my many years old SMH-10 which still, to this day, seems to be the best and most flexible system out there.

It's a bummer as I would have loved to get the fully integrated 10U for the C3, but given the (according to your website) non-replaceable battery and missing ability to charge while riding/using it, unfortunately makes this system not fit for my purpose. 

Maybe something to consider.


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