10C - Custom cable for earbud and microphone

Just an idea, because I'm not satisfied with the mics in the package. Both of the mics are very sensitive and getting to much noise.

Although I think the mics are poor quality,  without the possibility of adjusting the gain of the mic or the gain of the amplifier the constant noise will always there. To make it clear. If I'm standing in a quiet room and not talking at all, there is a huge amount of background noise (ssssshhhhhh sound). I don't know why, I think it's coming from the amplifier. I also detached the external mic with the speakers, the noise is still there, I also covered the internal mic with electrical tape, the noise is still there.

So, my idea is to make it possible to use any kind of 3.5 jack mic with a cable like this:  10C-A0101. Instead of using the small 2 pin mic plug, both should be 3.5 jack. In this way I can plug in a better noise cancelling, better performance mic, which can reduce the amplifier gain, because of the higher impedance.


I know it sounds a bit silly and first Sena should allow us to adjust the gain on the mic (amplifier), which can solve the problems alone, but the ability to use a high-end mic, without cutting the wires would be nice.




p.s. Sry, made it under FAQ, I wanted to make under Feature request, can an admin move it? Thanks


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