Format Prism SD Card from Sena APP

Having the ability to format the SD through the Sena Prism Camera APP would be a useful feature.

As would a voice command through a 20S paired headset which allows you to format the SD and stop or start video recording, taking pictures which could then be controlled on the move without the need to stop.

The camera is able to format the SD card through the menu system, however if the camera is mounted to a helmet or your bike then formatting the SD involves stopping, accessing the camera, which may mean that you have to remove your helmet and then manually go through the menu system to format the SD card and then set the camera to record.

Having the ability to format the SD through the app would be excellent for those stops when the SD card is almost full. 

Having the ability to format/stop and start video recording/switch to still picture mode through a paired headset like the 20s maybe invaluable when on the move and would negate the need to stop and take your hands off the handle bars when riding. 

I certainly believe this would be a useful feature to SENA product range.


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