decibels auto-leveling among all the sources (music, intercom, phone calls, and most important: the voice prompter) - I don't hear the voice prompts without become deaf listening music

when the road and bike noise becomes higher with the speed, the voice prompts are lost.. impossible to hear them; if you want them higher, raising the volume will also raise the music and conversations volume to a level that will make you deaf or give you headache after a while.

would be great that:

- the voice prompts are always at the same decibels or at least a couple decibels over the rest, in order to hear them.

- all the volumes/sounds are auto-leveled by the device... if you raise the volume, you are raising the decibel level to all of them, not just one, no matter what sound sources comes to you, and the auto-leveling feature will control that no one is going to blow up your ears.!!



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