Victory Magnum Connection to on-board bluetooth

I have a 2015 Victory Magnum, which has on-board bluetooth.  I have both an SMH10 and SPH10 that I use to communicate with other riders.  Since I have a 200W stereo system on the bike, including saddle bag audio lids, I like to ride without anything in or over my ears.  However, it would be nice to be able to receive communication from other riders, ideally through the built-in speakers.  I know there is a Sena bluetooth dongle for previous generation Victory Cross bikes, but I don't think that is applicable for what I'm looking to do.  Even better would be to have some sort of bluetooth lapel microphone to talk back, but just receiving sound as a start would be awesome.  

Is any solution or possible future solution to allow an existing Sena headset to output to the on-board stereo?


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