20S earbud volume does not go LOW enough

I have a 20S, the second 20S I've had, first one was destroyed in an accident several weeks ago. The one I have now has your most recent firmware update (first thing I did when I opened the box). The other unit had the most recent firmware update, too. Both units have had the same issue: when using earbuds plugged into the audio out jack, the volume cannot be turned down low. You turn the jog dial and reach the downward limit (indicated by a tone) but the volume is not at all low. I've done a reset with a paper clip in the pin hole and via the phone button, no difference. I tried enabling/disabling features like noise control, audio boost, etc., no difference. I connect the 20S to a 2014 BMW R1200RT. Once connected via bluetooth, volume level can only be controlled by the 20S. No volume control is accessible through the bike's audio system (there is a screen message on the bike indicating this). I had a frustrating conversation with a Sena tech on the phone who walked me through the same things I explained that I had already tried. He concluded that the problem is I'm not using Sena's own earbuds, which is interesting because Sena does not appear to sell earbuds, plus the manual specifically shows what to do if you "want to use your own earbuds" and your tech forum describes how to "use your own earbuds." I've used high end earbuds from Shure and Klipsch, cheap ones from Skull Candy and OEM Samsung earbuds and it makes no difference. There is no problem turning volume low when using the helmet speakers, but I want the better sound quality provided by earbuds. This capability is what led me to choose the 20S, but I cannot turn the volume down low enough to be comfortable except at highway speeds. Am I missing some setting that will correct the issue? Can Sena engineers fix the issue with a firmware update? Thanks.  


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