Two way communication

Hi there, I am aware that the SR10i was created to allow connection between any of the headsets and a two way radio... but that means you need

1) a headset 

2) an SR10i

3) a two way radio

and then you have to rewire the motorcycle and add luggage boxes, just to make them all work together...

I think that Sena produces well though through devices and they are well engineered. I am a bit disappointed that nobody at Sena has stepped outside the box and produced a two way radio unit with bluetooth that can be mounted on the handlebar. This would eliminate all wired connections and offer a simple solution. It could even replace the SR10i and incorporate the features that the SR10i currently has.

I am looking forward to this product, it is only a matter of time before a different manufacturer starts building these, but I'd like to have one from Sena.



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