Add ptt option to smh10 microphone


I have a tree service and use your headsets for a variety of jobs.  They have improved our safety and productivity greatly and really I can't say enough good things about your product.  There is however one main complaint, and I know of many others in the industry that have this same complaint.

I would like the ability to mute the microphone without getting out of the conversation or to switch a microphone to ptt mode where you would have to hold a button to talk.  I think this could be easily accomplished simply by building a small on off switch into the microphone, no major modification to the whole system is needed.

I will give you an example of the situation where this would be necessary.

Generally I use these headsets for crane jobs where I am operating a crane.  I have a climber in the tree rigging and cutting pieces and I have a ground man (or two) on the ground operating a skid steer, chainsaw and wood chipper.  All of us desire to stay in constant communication, for instance if the climbers rope is tangled, or he needs a different saw then he can immediately contact the groundman for help.  Also the climber and crane op stay in constant contact to talk about how far the cut is in or the weight of the piece, how to lift etc etc.  For the climber and crane op since we are the main two who need to communicate and we both are generally using both of our hands it is best to just have the open intercom as it is. The problem lies in the groundman operating very loud equipment, if he is running a saw or the woodchipper we are all forced to listen to it or shut him out of the conversation, which then if we suddenly need him we need to resort to old school communication (yelling, arm waving, etc).

Anyways I realize your major industry focus is on motorcycle communication but hard hat communication is HUGE and if you came up with an easy ptt option on a mic you would set yourself apart from the rest. This is the main thing now stopping me from getting the whole crew in on the communication, it would be just to much with open communication.

Thanks for making a great and affordable product and I look forward to the day you can add this option!

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