Arborist Reccomendations

I have been using the SMH10 unit for about 6 months now with my tree crew and here are my impressions. 

-There needs to be an intercom function that links up all paired units within range. I know it is possible to link several units but I generally end up only linking to one or two. There are several reasons for this, the most basic is that the wheel button is so large and located in such a place that myself and my coworkers are always bumping it (especially while climbing in the tree) and accidentally initiating or closing the intercom. So that even if we have taken the time to get 3 or 4 units all talking to each other it won't last. The second is that when someone is using a chainsaw or next to the chipper they will pick up so much noise that its hard to communicate. 

-I would like there to be an option to mute the mic in intercom mode. It is important for the climber to be able to transmit to many people on the ground but the climber doesn't want to be picking up their noise all the time. (Its generally quieter up in the tree and I don't care if they have to listen to my chainsaw noise because I want them to hear my warnings). This could be as simple as a switch on the boom of the mic. 

-You should consider making a set specifically for arboriculture. The improvement in communication will save lives, but for them to be widely adopted they need to be tougher, easier to install, and easier to use (especially the intercom). You should also consider making a set that is already integrated with helmet mounted ear muffs. 

You have created something that could change my whole industry for the better, don't miss the chance to capture this market. 



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