10C Wider lenses, Disabling outer mic

Hello good people at sena i’ve been using the 10c as motorcycle vlog tool for a couple of months and i love the convenience of having an intercom and action camera in one device but it has major flaws. Such as the lens are not wide enough to record my dash and the road ahead so i have to choose one to get in the video, also the image stabilization its really bad, any road imperfection makes my head bounce hence the final video is shaky. Finaly it looks like the device has an external mic that gets blown away by any strong wind or the Deep sound of my 1000cc engine and i would like to have the option of disable it and have the inner helmet mic imput only.

I would really like if you could develop:
- Interchangeble wider lenses
- Firmware update with the option of disabling outer mic



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