Earphone Jack for the new Harley compatible helmet clamp


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  • Ron Wilkerson
    Ron Wilkerson

    UPDATE - As soon as I saw the pre-release press on the Harley helmet clamp I contacted Sena tech support and emailed Sena regarding the apparent lack of an audio out (for earbuds) plug on the new Harley helmet clamp.  In both instances I was told that there was not going to be an audio out plug on the clamp.  I ordered it anyway and gratefully, it does in fact have an audio out plug installed just as with the 20S helmet clamp. Sena, thanks for doing it right however, you may want to consider improving communication to staff on new products prior to release.  

    While this clamp does not provided "wireless" Bluetooth compatibility with the Harley Infotainment system (the driver still needs a cable connected to the bike system) it does allow you to use all the features of the 20S and the Harley system. The main reason i purchased this unit is I am a multi bike owner and use the 20S on the other bikes. The detachable Harley cable on the new clamp allows me to use one helmet with all my bikes. More importantly, my wife prefers not being wired to the bike and having private connection to her phone, music and audio books while still having intercom capabilities with me.  Once you use the 20S it is difficult to accept lesser capabilities.  The Harley infotainment system is good but this makes it much more flexible. Well done Sena!




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