Feature request: PTT functionality with handlebar/wrist remote control

Hi Sena team,

I want to use bike to bike intercom.

What I am missing is PTT functionality similar to CB radios as the permanent voice connection or the VOX functionality and the related disturbances are more or less annoying.

Is it possible to add this (PTT) feature so that the handlebar/wrist remote control can be used as a PTT button similar to CB radios?

From my point of view this could be realised (quite simple?) when the microphone is set to silent mode (by configuration). Pushing a defined button (configurable) on the remote control activates the mic immediately and releasing the button deactivates the mic immediately. So unnecessary switching on/off of the voice channels by noises can be avoided.

The feature was already request some time ago and I fully agree with the requester. "PTT is a must have! Voice activation with all the engine and wind noise is just not good enough."

Please see: http://support.sena.com/entries/109992163-PTT-Push-to-Talk-functionality-

Best regards



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