Feature Request: USB Charging Dongle for the Sena 10R

I have used the Sena SMH10 Unit for a number of years, including a second battery, which enabled me to always have one battery charging on the bike while using the other one. This feature was one of the primary reasons I went with the SMH10 unit.

I have just purchased the new Sena 10R unit (as well as a second battery) and was shocked to find out that not only does it NOT come with a USB charging dongle, but that Sena also changed the design of the connectors making impossible for me to use my existing SMH10 charging dongles.

In my case this means that for all intents and purposes this new $300 Sena 10R is pretty much useless to me as it would only work for about 1/2 the time my typical rides last for.

I have spoken to the Sena support and they mentioned that Sena might be working on the 10R version of the USB charging dongle, but had no info on when this might be available.

I can easily make up an interface cable to utilize my existing USB charging dongle but I am unable to find the source for the new 10R connectors.

Could you kindly advise the ETA for the 10R charging dongles and if this is a long ways off, a source for the connectors.

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