Disable Muting with Intercom use

Example of what I sent to customer support... maybe Engineering will see this & other riders can chime in... 


To the Engineering dept / whoever cares to take concern-

I own a SENA 20S, as does my boyfriend. 
Long story summarized short- He crashed and hit his head causing the Sena to mute our intercom function.

I really don't like that "feature" and think that the overall feature of muting has been engineered with a huge flaw.

When I look over my shoulder my jacket hits the button and mutes our conversations.

It only takes a split second to loose connectivity, and then I am unable to warn my riding partner(s) of any danger or whatever.

It seems silly to me that I paid over $300 for a product with such a massive safety flaw, such a muting with the click of a button. I wish there was a way to disable muting.

Thought Sena should know about this incident. I'm sure other riders have this same frustration.

Tiffany Davis 

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