Conncating BlueTooth Radio



  • Paul Phillips
    Paul Phillips

    was there a resolution to this, looking to do the same with a Midland G8 BT.

  • Pablo Motta
    Pablo Motta

    We don't have experience in pairing with this particular radio, but I have the user manual for the midland g8 bt. See the following instructions to pair with a SENA headset.

    Midland radio follow these instructions.. 

    Before pairing, the Bluetooth function on G8E-BT must be disabled, so switch
    off the radio.
    Then, turn it on again while keeping the BT button pressed. To confirm the
    pairing, the display will show ‘bt PA’ and ‘PA’ will blink.
    You will have about 1 minute time to start the same procedure with Your headset
    (read carefully the instructions of your headset). When both units are
    paired, the display will show ‘BT’ steady. From this moment, both devices are
    paired and they will identify each other even though they have been switched
    off; so, there’s no need to repeat the pairing procedure.

    On the SENA 20S headset follow these instructions

    - Turn on the SENA headset.

    - Then press and hold the phone button (smaller button) for 6 seconds or until the blue and red LED flashes rapidly.

    Wait for both radio and headset to pair. It should take less and 30 seconds to pair.


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