20S > SMH10 Intercom Problem

Today I rode with my friend who is still running his SMH10 till I tell him the 20S is good to go. We paired them and spoke most of the day. I'm also paired to a Garmin/BMW Nav V which is the same as a Zumo 590. On the way home I had the GPS routing me. I found that whenever the GPS had something to say whether just a beep to warn me of something or a direction it would interrupt the intercom conversation as expected but would never reconnect it after it was through. The only way I could get my friend back was to touch the jog button as if I was starting the conversation all over again. This happened each time the GPS interrupted. I tried it with Audio Multitasking enabled and disabled to see if that had something to do with it. This went on all the way home till I finally stopped the routing so we could intercom without interruption. When I got home I tried the same experiment with my wife's 20S and had no problem at all regardless if the AM was enabled or disabled. Each time the GPS would interrupt and then when it was finished she would reconnect automatically as it is supposed to. So, the problem is narrowed down to be between the SMH10 and the 20S. Anyone else experience this or have any ideas? I'm scheduled to ride with him again next week so I'd like to see if this is fixable.



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