Universal Bluetooth Pairing manual ommission



  • Mathew, Bruce
    Mathew, Bruce

    I discovered this totally by accident as well.  I also discovered that there seems to be some lag time between when you can connect with the universal partner and when you can also pair with another Sena partner.  I don't know how much time, but it's more than 5 minutes.  I tried it several times, and then it finally connected after I had given up and then decided to try it again about 20 minutes later.  The order that they show in the instructions is vital on how you connect them.  IF you don't follow the correct order, they will not connect.

  • Matt eaves
    Matt eaves

    I've been going mental trying to do this!!! Thanks for posting the comment up, saved me smashing my 20s to pieces!

  • Marc Woo
    Marc Woo

    You do not need to tap the Phone Button on the 20S when pairing to a non-Sena headset using the Universal Intercom feature. As long as the 20S is in Universal Intercom Pairing mode and the non-Sena headset is in Mobile Phone Pairing mode then the 2 headsets will pair together.


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