iPhone5, BMW Navigator (IV and V), Sena SM10 -> Sena 20S problem

I have an iPhone5, Garmin (BMW) GPS, and SM10 connected via stereo cable to my V1 radar.  I want to use the iPhone5 as phone and play music, while getting the GPS turn-by-turn, and V1 alerts (via SM10).   I pair the iPhone5 as mobile phone (1st one), Garmin as GPS pair, and SM10 as music-only (since it will not pair as mobile 2, not right profile).   I can use phone,  play iTunes and get GPS turn-by-turn just fine, but never get SM10 working.   If I force SM10 to play, then music from iphone wont play.  If I pair SM10 as 1st mobile phone, iPhone as 2nd mobile phone, and separate music, it behaves the same way.  I'm tried so many combinations of parings at this point, that I'm about getting ready to throw away all my Sena gear and go somewhere else.


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