Recent experience with 20S



  • Paul

    Also found the units powering themselves off riding with one other user yesterday. Also intercom was constantly dropping out and had to manually reconnect it. Very disappointing.

  • Keith

    Hi Ken,

    Was it your jacket pushing the ambient mode button that caused the unwanted "Say a Command" prompts? The reason I ask is, assuming you were running firmware version 1.3 by mid April, the "Hello Sena" command stops responding after 60 seconds in stand-by mode with that version. So, it should only be the ambient button or double tap on the unit to get the "Say a Command" prompt. If you were running version 1.2 when the mic was still always on, well....we may get this unwanted prompt again when Sena fixes the 60 second mic cut off.

  • Squadcarman

    I also have a 20 s Dual. I love the audio quality, way better than my Cardo Scala G4. But mine also disconnect. I need to power them off and back on to reconnect the intercom. Sometimes the units just power off. You try to talk and have nothing but silence. and then my wife will have to power hers down so we can re pair. Frustrating. I may have to revert back to my Cardo system.

  • Keith

    Hi Squadcarman. What serial numbers are your 20S' and what firmware version are you running? The early units apparently had problems. Including the fragile clamp units.

    If you are not running at least firmware version 1.3, I would suggest updating to at least that version if not 1.4, which is the latest. I did a 4 day ride that averaged 8 hours a day and didn't experience any power off or loss of pairing running version 1.3. I did have an intercom call drop a couple of times. But, a simple push on the jog dial reconnected the call again. A few caveats to that:

    1.My 20S was paired with an SMH5 unit (Not another 20S)

    2. We purposely dropped intercom calls and stayed in stand-by mode when not talking to conserve the battery

    3. The only other device my 20S was paired to was my non-smart phone.

    One of the listed fixes put into version 1.3 was "Improved the intercom connection reliability":

    If you have the problems with version 1.3 or 1.4, I would contact Sena (AFTER you try the obligatory factory reset and fault reset) and arrange to RMA the units while they are still under warranty. They'll likely replace your units with current serial number units, which will include the updated clamp unit with the aluminum latch.


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