Recent experience with 20S

Just returned from a 1,500 mile trip with a fellow 20S user.  We've both had our 20Ss for 10 months and have ridden with them a lot. 

Had to turn  my Zumo riding instruction audio totally off.  The Sena was simply unusable with it on.  Every beep, rain warning, red  light camera warning, button push, etc on the Zumo disables the 20S intercom otherwise.  But even with the Zumo driving instructions OFF, it still interrupted Intercom often with beeps and warnings.  Push a button on the Zumo and you lose Intercom.    OH, and my riding partner had to do the same with his Zumo.  Either of our Zumos would interrupt Intercom every time either of us pushed a button.   Extremely annoying operation.  

Sena should spend some time fixing this.  Riding instructions should not stop intercom!  (even when the Zumo is paired as first phone).  If they think that a phone call should take priority over Intercom, then they should have a manual feature to turn the intercom OFF when desired.  The automatic Intercom disabling is annoying and can be hazardous. 

"Say a Command" from the Sena lady became very bothersome yesterday riding in 20 to 30 mph winds.  I tried to turn off Voice Prompts while riding but was apparently unsuccessful.  So I shrugged my shoulders for 4 hours, my riding jacket stabilizing my helmet enough that the Sena lady kept quiet.  


I'm very disappointed that specific complaints about the 20S are not addressed by firmware updates.   Sena could have the absolutely best Bluetooth helmet units HANDS DOWN if they'd just fix the few major annoyances that we're all complaining about.  

My primary complaints are:

1.  Zumo interruption of intercom when the Zumo is paired as A2DP 

2.  Units powering themselves OFF for no apparent reason.  It just gets quiet until we discover that the unit is OFF.

3.  Intercom connections lost after Zumo speaks.  Have to reach up and push the jog button to reconnect to paired Senas. I should add that this doesn't happen as much as it did with previous firmware; but it still happens.  The only way we know is by wondering why everyone is so quiet and trying to use the intercom.  That's when we discover that the Sena has either turned itself OFF or has disconnected itself from its intercom friends.  

Please, Sena, let us know which other minor bugs and annoyances you are addressing with your firmware updates.  




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