SMH10 vs 20S

I've been a Sena SMH10 user for many years. The first ones we had were the original ones that were not firmware upgradeable. Later on took advantage of the Sena upgrade program, and got the newer SMH10's. But now many many years later (5+ years and 1 battery change) our SHM10's have grown old and tired. The mounts are beat up, the transceivers are dinged up (but still work with some issues), mic booms are used up, etc. Mine will intermittently shut off when my SR10 makes a connection, and often the intercom audio is garbled and full of static, even when within 100 feet of my wifes SMH10. Have to re-boot booth units to clear this issue. So, I'm thinking it's time to retire these and go newer. But, the reviews of the 20S have me on the fence about going to them, instead of just buying 2 new SMH10's, or going to the Scala units. My wife and I basically use our SMH10's for music, intercom, and I have the SR10 on my bike with a radar detector, and VHF/UHF amateur transceiver connected. We never make or receive phone calls on the bikes. We don't ride in big packs. Maybe 2 or 3 others tops, and they all own SMH10's. The only new feature of the 20S that is interesting too me is the reported extended range of 20S to 20S. But that too has received several negative reviews, saying it's not that much greater than the SMH10's range. In our terrain we typically get about a 1/8 to 1/4 mile range in the mountains, and slightly greater than 1/4mile on open highway.


So I guess my question is for those who have used the SMH10's for years like we have, then upgraded to the 20S. What do you like, or dislike about the 20S as compared to the SMH10? Was it worth the cost?


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