Using FM radio transmitter with Motorcycle's Radio



  • michael.savage

    This is great ! George will be happy and so will Alex. Just wish Dan could join us. I think our trip will be fantastic with the Sena's working so well. The group intercom feature will work like a charm in my opinion.

  • Ken

    Just returned from the 13-day trip with three friends.  We used our 20Ss intercom each day as we traveled through southwest US and Colorado.  We all had the FM transmitters plugged into our Harley radios.  The final report is that they worked fantastically!  I used mine to listen to my Zumo's MP3 and XM radio every day.  On the last day of the trip, I listened to local Dallas AM radio from my Harley for traffic conditions as we neared the DFW metroplex. 

    Using the FM radio instead of pairing and connecting the Zumo to the Sena, our intercom communication never was interrupted by the Zumo lady, Zumo Beeps, alerts, etc.  Instead, Intercom had the higher priority.  The Audio Multitasking worked flawlessly; the FM radio would fade out and intercom fade in when anyone spoke on the intercom.  

    In my description in the first post, I said that one can pair their smartphone to both the Zumo and the Sena.  While it appeared to work during my trials, it was a total flop in practice.  

    What happens is the smartphone will divert to the Zumo whenever a phone call is initiated by the Sena.  In other words, when I made a phone call using the Sena, the Zumo would take over the smartphone's Bluetooth for audio.  Since there isn't a Bluetooth link between the Sena and the Zumo, the party on the other end could not hear me speak.  I could hear them, they could not hear me.  So I told both the Zumo and the smartphone to forget each other.   This way, all phone call answering and initiating was done using the Sena 20S, only.  And this worked flawlessly.  (although I miss the Zumo feature of being able to see who is calling me before deciding to answer or not.)

    One added benefit:  With the Zumo not paired or connected to the Sena in any way, none of us ever experience a Sena shut down or Zumo-induced silence.  Our Sena's worked so much better . . .. almost perfectly, on the entire trip.  





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