Audio Multi-Tasking in Group Intercom or Multi-Way Intercom doesn't work

It seems that the Audio Multi-Tasking function does not work when you have more then two units connected together?  When I am hooked directly to another unit, the audio multi-tasking works perfectly.  Stereo music dims down with either an incoming or outgoing intercom voice.  If we add a third unit to the multi-way intercom or go to group intercom, when the person listening to music speaks, the other two can't hear him at all for several seconds.  When the other two units finally can hear the music listeners unit, the music just dropped completely for that person. 

We don't have GPS at all and the first two units are paired to an Iphone 4 and an Iphone 5.  The third unit (the music listener) is paired to an Ipad 2.   Are we doing something wrong or is this a priority issue or is this just the way it is?


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