sena 20s group intercom



  • Jack Kern
    Jack Kern

    According to info elsewhere, units do not need to be paired with each other to use Group intercom. Just register them with the phone app group intercom function.

    For anyone in the group to initiate, you'd need to configure a smartphone app for each unit. Then there could be a conflict if two or more try to start group intercom at once.

    Much better to have just the lead (or tail) rider set it up and initiate it. We leave it on all the time- everyone has a full face helmet so wind noise is not a problem- and run the volume low.

  • Sena

    The headsets do not need to be paired together in order to use the Group Intercom feature. The headsets only need to be powered on for them to be found when searching for nearby headsets using the Sena Smart Phone App. In addition, the headset that creates the group in the app is the only one that can initiate the group intercom conversation.

  • Tkgardiner

    I would just like to comment, for safety reasons any one should be able initiate a group chat. I have only just purchased a 20s on recommendations of a friend. 
    It disappoints me that is not possible . can it be considered as improvement in future soft ware up grades ?

  • Ken

    Each of my friends created groups that include the other three of us.  That way, any of our four person group can initiate a group chat; even if one of our group is missing.  

    To keep up with the competition, I have a feeling that Sena will come up with some kind of a star-mesh intercom connection system in the not too distant future.  The daisy-chaining of intercom users is certainly a drawback of the current state of the art.  We experience issues with it during every trip where multiple users are in intercom communication.    I just hope that Sena can create firmware that'll do some kind of a star/mesh network within the 20S.   I'd pay money for that!


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