20s Not recognized by Iphone

I have a 20s that when I purchased new with V1 firmware worked out of the box well.   I saw there was a firmware upgrade to 1.6.1 and I took it.  Unpaired from iPhone then it would not connect.  Performed a factory reset and phone paired/worked fine.   I recently saw a firmware upgrade 1.6.2 and decided to upgrade. Unpaired device from phone then... when pairing again, the phone would not recognize.  It would allow me to select the device 3 times and for three attempts I get, "device not supported" then "device unsuccessful connection".. iPhone is using 9.3.4 version..  Now what is funny is if I have my cell on, and put 20s into blue/red paring mode, it will connect to phone only as "Media"  and I can listen to music from phone but I can not make a call.  Turning the sena off / on I get Media connected instead of phone connected.  I tried doing phone pairing using phone button but it too failed.    


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