Flapping noise



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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support

    A flapping noise is new to me.

    The only thing that can cause this is an actual loose item that is flapping around. It's not something that can occur from a defect, as there wouldn't be anything loose on the mic.

    As mentioned by another user, check for any loose objects. If you have an open face/half helmet, I can see this being prevalent.

    The only thing that would flap, would be your chin strap.

  • Mandy Clancy
    Mandy Clancy

    Thank you for your reply. Its definitely coming through the ear pieces & only if I use the intercom + music, the strangest thing is, its is only when I'm in a built-up area. First thing I thought of was an interference. Nothing is loose.Its more of a loud crackle than a flapping noise.

  • timothyferriss

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