10C - Bit rate and video format limitations

Hello dear Sena!

I've been using the 10C and it's an absolute delight.
but after about six months of use, I have a proposition to make:

I know video format of the 10C is .MOV
and if I understand correctly the bit-rate is locked at about 12 Mb/S
(tested at 1080P@30FPS video)

.MOV is an old format (it's from 2001, 7 years old!) and was originally made by Apple for QuickTime.
.MP4 has more support and easier to handle with.

I believe that the 10C hardware can handle it.
And I've seen cameras that you can select in the setting if you want to generate a .MOV file or a .MP4 file (SJ cam for example)

I know it's a lot to ask, but after I got ver 2.0 I know that you DO care about the end user experience.

please let us use .MP4 format with a dynamic bit-rate
or at least let us choose between high bit rate setting and normal/low bit rate setting
(Like there is in the Drift Ghost S)

Thanks in advance,


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