Simple 30 K rider to passengar intercom

All I want is a simple rider to passenger intercom that can connect to my phone.  I bought the 30K because I assumed it was the latest and best.

I'm unable to use it as an intercom for rider to passengar. The bluetooth intercom won't let me listen to music and have intercom. 

So then I tried the Mesh Intercom. With it, I can have music and intercom, but even with the VOX at it's lowest setting it still trips and and sends wind noise to both headsets and makes using it impossible.  And I can't easily turn the Mesh intercom on and off when I want because the button for it is in an impossible to reach position, especially with gloves on.

What I need is an intercom that either rider or passenger can turn on to talk, and then turn off when they are done speaking so that we don't get wind noise. I just need a simple rider to passenger intercom that works and doesn't pipe wind noise into my ears, I already have enough noise on a motorcycle, I don't need more.

If the Bluetooth intercom was able to multitask, I think I could just use it and turn it on and off when we needed to speak, but the Bluetooth system on the 30K doesn't seem to work well at all. Many times it just quits working, and I can't listen to music and have a intercom, its one or the other.


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