Sena 30K Software inclusive a FLOP

Sena 30K may boast technological advances. However, its software is least desired.  The unit's dual kit comes with every option needed.  Pairing initially is fair.  The instructions need to be more concise as suppose to pictorial.  Not all of Sena users consist of ape riding gorilla generations. 

The Sena iPhone and Mac Applications are a complete waste of time...  The apps do not show any interactive menu.  The app for Mac is a simple browser which barely makes a mark while attempting to tunnel to a target server for updates which it cannot complete.

The Sena software inclusive is a flop and failure, thus failing to download a firmware update, failing to do an actual update, failing to switch screens without having to reset itself into device recognition. 

In fact, device recognition is about the only thing it does, and it does it poorly.

Part of having a high tech product by social and worldly norms has to do with the support attained as an extension of such.  Sena fails to meet up to industry standards because of this.  

Software interaction with vehicle, cells, mesh inclusive is why we purchase these devices.  The bottom line is that if Sena cannot meet up to consumer demands, then we're better off making our purchases elsewhere.

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