30K vs 20S - compatibility


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  • Cristian Nicolau
    Cristian Nicolau

    I've used the 20s in a group of 8 riders (all of us with 20s) for more than 2 years. What we didn't like:

    - from 3 riders up, loud crackling/popcorn-like noise that made everyone nervous;

    - Daisy Chain connection was not very easy to repair in case one/multiple links (riders) left the group or remained without power. Repairing the network while riding was almost impossible as we could see only each other's backs and even if successful it was very confusing with the new "friend order";

    So we were all smiling when the 30k showed up and started to encourage each other that the MESH is what we've been waiting for and that the 30k will be the God of motorcycle intercoms. After a while, 4 of us decided to give it a try with the 30k and ordered them. (from US delivered to Romania)


    - the only way to listen to music and communicate with other riders is ONLY on MESH. A 30k paired with another 30k or a 20s via Bluetooth will automatically share the music to the others and there's no possibility to communicate unless music is stopped. If the other 30k or 20s tries to stop the music he is receiving it will stop the music also for the 30k who initiated it. Also, the 30k has the same command both for Music ON/OFF and Music Sharing ON/OFF (jog dial 1 sec = 2 x beep) and probably this is the reason why music will be shared to the others with or without intention. Basically we can say goodbye to listening to music and talking at the same time unless everyone in the group has a 30k and uses MESH.

    - the "popcorn" has disappeared. There are some interference noises but very low and while talking almost unnoticeable. However, the volume, in general, is a lot lower than on the 20s. Most of the times, after the tests I've done so far, I had the feeling that the range distance has dropped - but not very sure about it.

    - I have to admit that the MESH makes pairing a lot easier especially in public mode but the signal quality was bad in a lot of situations - many short audio interruptions while speaking resulting in a "ph-se diff-ult to u-er-stand". Maybe this is because of other external interferences we encounter while crossing different geographical areas.

    All in all, after the first month of testing, the main idea is that either everyone gets the 30k or keeps using the 20s. Combining them, at least for now is a bad idea. 

    What gets me extremely disappointed is that SENA doesn't communicate with us, doesn't explain if there's anything to explain in order to solve these issues or to say: Thanks guys for helping us to make this gadget(s) better, we've noted all your observations and will fix them as soon as possible". I don't even know how I can contact them and let them know about the problems I've discovered. I can accept that problems may appear but I cannot understand why SENA does not react to our messages.

    Again, I hope someone from SENA reads our complaints and takes some action as I am closer and closer to selling everything and going for Cardo. At least they are opened for discussions and react to the demands of their users.

    A short video I did after the first tests.



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