Feature Request - Sena 30k Bluetooth Intercom Multi-Tasking



  • Mark Bolten
    Mark Bolten

    Sena, in the real world a lot of riders do not have a sena device and when they do not always have a 30k. So you have to use bluetooth intercom most of the times. When using bluetooth intercom on the 30k you cant use audio multitasking wich is pretty anoying. Please fix this or a lot of users will return their device and switch it for a 20s evo. 

  • Steven Korres
    Steven Korres

    Had the same issue.. We all moved from 20S to 30K and fixed that issue... The added bonus that MESH is so much better than Bluetooth that I would never go back to a 20S or any other Bluetooth device for intercom... I even hate bridging a Bluetooth user into a large MESH group as it's so noisy and crackly in comparison that it drags the whole group down. I got a great price for my 20S on eBay as well so the change wasn't to bad price wise.


  • Eaton Blumenstein
    Eaton Blumenstein

    Steve, thats a poor answer, I do not want to have to buy more of their stuff if they cant get it right.. my 20S never had this issue, and since Mesh uses more battery, and lets just say 1 to 1 is riding, I should be able to listen to my music without using Mesh. 

    I'm sending all 6 30's back, go back to 20S's ,  we thought mixed mode would work well, but it does not.  


  • Phil Parker
    Phil Parker

    The real world is that we ride with a lifetime of older Sena. This mandates we all suffer from Senas poor product marketing. Because we are connected to one other Sena legacy product, we are the ones penalized and loose the ability to hear our own music or audio from a single spartphone app !! I forced Revzilla to take my 30K back and lost money doing it. In short - I lost important functionality by moving from the 20S to the 30K.

    I know others that have the 30K now and they are always turning off intercom to be able to listen to their own music.

    If you are considering the 30K - DONT.

  • Scottawilliams

    I think the 30K's lack of audio mulitasking in Bluetooth mode is a deal breaker for many riders. For lots of riders I've spoken to, I know it is. Here's why. The universe of 30K users is small, so more often than not that means a 30K user is linking bike-to-bike with Bluetooth...which works but lacks audio multitasking. People are telling me they're better off without Mesh if
    that means no audio multitasking in Bluetooth. And that means they're better of without a 30K. Sena, how about fixing this NOW? Can't it be done with a firmware upgrade? 


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