Bluetooth 5 upgrade

Sena have only recently released the new Momentum series of helmets (incl the much awaited INC versions) but, very disappointingly, appear to have limited the Bluetooth to v 4.1 whereas Bluetooth 5.0 could, potentially, have SIGNIFICANTLY increased the range of the bike to bike intercom capability of the helmets which would give Sena a HUGE competitive advantage in the field of motorbike communications. Depending upon the processor being used in the helmets, this may be as simple as a firmware update ..... in which case can we have it NOW please ..... But IF the current processors are incapable of handling Bluetooth 5 then this  could mean that they become outdated very quickly as the bike to bike market will inevitable be one of the first sectors to take advantage of the increased range capabilities of Bluetooth 5. Come on Sena - grab this opportunity whilst it lasts and upgrade to Bluetooth 5 asap.


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