Bluetooth 5 upgrade



  • Susan Coles
    Susan Coles

    Yes it would be a big plus for Sena to be able to update any and all models of headsets. Either by a firmware update or by sending the unit in to have components replaced to enable the new firmware. 

  • Stuartholloway

    Sena's technical people have told me that they are not aware of any current plans to upgrade to Bluetooth 5 which is a real shame when it could give them such a huge performance and marketing advantage over ALL their competitors and, presumably, wouldn't add very much to the production cost of the units. Bluetooth 5.0 has up to 4 x the range capabilities of Bluetooth 4 which would be a huge advantage  and would address many of the concerns that customers currently have over the limited range of the Sena Bluetooth systems. Hopefully, the more people who respond to this post the more likely Sena are to grasp this business opportunity whilst it still exists and upgrade to Bluetooth 5 asap..   

  • Roberttlangston

    Bluetooth 5 = 5 steps ahead of competition!


  • Dan

    do people actually think that a 4x range increase could come from firmware?


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